10 December 2009


  • i love you and i always do
  • no matter how hard it is,you will be mine
  • i try so hard to forget you,but i just cant
  • i promise tht i never hurt you then if i do,just kill me
  • im the rock and you re the roll
  • you're not the bestest thing tht happen to me, but you're one of it
  • you're my day and you're my night
  • whatever it is,i will always love you
  • your first smile take me to heaven
  • if you leave me,i might kill my cat,because it remeber me to your eyes
  • tell me tht you love me then everything alright
  • if you're sick of your life then i never sick of you,because i love you
  • iloveyouu
HAHA,bagi ayat kat awek siall.
bukan aku ,bukan bukan,aku normal

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