09 December 2009

im stuckk

seriuosly,im stuck at here,i dont really know what happen,but it really killling me inside,people around me,most of them,pretend like they are soo okay with while it is not,hmmp,sedihh,sedihh sangat,kenapa lahh korangg buat mcm ni,jahat sangat ke aku ni,perghhh,i dont think so,aku tak penah tipu orangg mcm dia buat,aku tak penah ambik barang orang mcm dia buat,and the most important is i never try to be you,im just being myself,im affraid,afraid of losing you guys and know it really happen,you hurt me soo much,and selama aku tahan sebab aku sayang korang,tapi sekarangg?aku tak suka fake weh,seriuosly,if you want to do it,just go on,it show me how you appreciate me,and now i know, i really really know ,thanks,unbelieveble,it hard foe me to accept the truth,but i must ,and now i do,

*maybe most of reader akan cakap,pehal dia,hal mcm ni pon nak letak kat blog,but soory guys,im so disspointed,and this is only wayy i could tell ''them''
*guys,jangan risau,after i wrote this i felt soo reliefs,then no heart feeling anymore sayangg,
*i will forgive you,and i always do,iloveyou even maybe you dont,hmmp
*broken language,soory,im not good

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