29 December 2009

colourless life


this last two weeks i was like,eshh,semua macamm ada yang ta kena,im bored,stress and more more more problem,then i decided to be something else today which is mean yesterday,emm,HAHA,wore something tht i think could make my dayy happier than the day before,HAHA,i put on my purple top and soo blueish or blue spectrum cardigan plus bluee and a little pink shawl,HHA,boleh bayang kann?memangg colourfool sungguh,first macamm entah then i think moree to positive ways,AWW,haha,then pegii beli baju kat greentown mall,i bought three baju kurungg kain cotton,takda banyak choice so i just pick yangg bolehh tahan lawa,ada satu tuh macam baju opie,it just,warnaa jehh lain,HAHA,you dont mind kan opie,apa salahnyaa,twins,bak kata pepatah orang putih,two is better then one,HEHEHE


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