07 April 2011

fast one

since i dont have any time to update my blog anymore after this so this is a shortlist of what i feel and what i've been going through this few weeks
  • im not prepare lagi fr exam which next week. WHAT TA??

  • Im representative for my maktab in forum and the best part is i am the simpanan only ? buat malu diri gila and sometimes i feel like if im not talented i should not represent my maktab.
  • depreessed gila sepanjang weekend.
  • can i fall in love again with him ? YES MH I'VE BEEN TRYING SOOOO HARD TO AVOID IT!
  • Instant 210 sedang bermain dalam kepala saya.
  • I need to follow my diet routine back or else i will menyesal ! Menyesal a lot.

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