28 January 2012

Its been a while since my last post. Maybe because this couple months i faced lack of interest in everything that i ever deal with. Mostly I think. I mean in love , friendship , family stuff , doing my work and the only thing that makes me feel alive again is food. Hhahahaha. Okay no wonder fat asss.

See can you see me? Im boring , manipulative and such a drama queen. Stop it Syairah! Just live your life! Wake up and have some kick ass morning and being passionate all day long abt your work then lastly ...... lay on your bed while thanked Allah for every single good thing that happen to you on tht day. Its a miracle.

Your life is miracle. God give you chances. To appreciate or to only let your happines pass by you. I used to be afraid of being happy cause i think that i dont deserve it. But i was totally wrong.

I mean sometimes we might regretting our passed but the worst part of it is we never learn.

Frustrated , happiness , excitement , loneliness , failure , succeed , sad , being awful . All of this is life. Full of colours and ups 'n' down . If we thanked god for making our wishes came true so why did you stop praying and keep blaming yourself when sometimes god only take a few from us.

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