07 February 2012

kurniaan ♥

So good to hear from you. Although i might hurt sometimes thinking how freakin awesome your college life. Been dreaming abt it. Please give me the permission to be jealous. Awwww.

Dan eh today i met bunch of pretty girl. They are everywhere you know! They are tall and wearing perfect skinny jean make'em look even superb plus those cute tops and dress that covered their super slimmy body.

And ouch i do feel insecure. Feel 'tak laku' as well lah. I mean im not even beautiful and im not in tht group then how will i survive. K fine forever alone.
But hey realise that pretty face with ugly attitude is nothing. And ugly face with pretty attitude is something.

So i'm in the "not-really-pretty-face-try-to-be-pretty" by "trying-to-be-better-person-attitude" group i guess. Perhaps.


  1. syeraqila..ko maintain comel la...serious aku jeles ngan zila ..dia tu chantique sgt lhh..

  2. hang macamana rupa ka ,jadik apa ka , hang tetap dalam hati aku . jangan risau